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Shopping for the Best Mortgage
On a Home in Orange County

If you plan to be brave and venture into the wide open world of mortgages "all alone", there are some critically important steps you should take. We do most of this work for you. However, so you'll either know "what to do", or, "What we do FOR you, here is a good starting point.

Where to Begin Mortgage Shopping:

You should plan to contact several mortgage lenders, including the lender to whom you presently make your payments (if applicable), to discuss the mortgages they have available, their rates, closing costs, and other fees. A good place to start is in the real estate section of your local newspaper. You can also look for the names of lenders in the yellow pages of your phone book under "Mortgages", and of course, online searching is quick and easy. Mortgages are available from mortgage companies, savings and loan associations, banks, federal credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Because there are so many variables, you'll need a systematic approach. Click the link and we'll review a sample system you might want to follow.

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